The Student Creativity Program (PKM) is a forum formed by the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI) in facilitating the potential of Indonesian students to study, develop, and apply the knowledge and technology that they have learned in lectures to the public. Year 2019 5 (five) Titles of proposals from the Faculty of Computer Science have successfully passed Kemenristek DIKTI selection. To encourage student motivation and support these activities the Faculty of Computer Science will once again carry out activities ‘Workshop on Student Creativity Programs (PKM) which aims to capture more proposal titles to be proposed at PKM in 2020.

Dr. Dolly Indra, S.Kom., MMSI, as the organizing committee expects this activity to become one of the FIKOM student activities that can continue to be carried out to foster a spirit of creativity and carve out student achievements especially in the field of Information Technology which will elevate the name of the Faculty of Computer Science and Universitas Muslim Indonesia. The PKM Workshop will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2019 in the 4th Floor Hall of the Faculty of Computer Science, UMI Makassar.