Computer Science Faculty student, Irwan Ardyansah was selected as one of 20 Indonesian representatives in the 2019 International Student Week in Ilmenau Student Affairs in Germany. After going through the file selection process and essay paper, 300 students from 2000 applicants were selected, 300 students from 75 countries in the world and Indonesia received a quota of 20 people.

The ISWI Event collaborates with the University of Technische Ilmenau, the German Ministry of Education and Research, and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This ISWI event is a Conference and Culture Festival event for students from 75 countries that held over 10 days starting from May 17-26 2019 at the Technische Universitat Ilmenau, Germany. The activities are in Team Work, Group Discussion, Conference, World Food Festival, Group Work, Panel Discussion, Sport Event, Keynote Lecturer, Movie Night, and Group Presentation with the theme “Tradition and Transition”. This ISWI event is Fully Funded by the organizing committee during staying in Germany which include all accommodation, transportation, consumption, visa and program costs are borne.

The 20 students came from UGM, Undip, UAJY, UI, UMI, UB, University of Edinburgh (UK), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), GICI business school Jakarta, president university, UIN Jakarta, Unpad, Sanata Dharma University, and ITS.