Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran Mahasiswa Nasional (MTQMN) XVI 2019 was held at Syiah Kuala University as the host. The theme of this time is MTQMN as a ukhuwah islamiyah booster in creating the young generation towards Indonesia Baldatun Thayyibatun Wa Rabbun Ghafur based on AL Qur’an.

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science (FIKOM) UMI qualified as finalists at the 2019 MTQMN, namely the Design of AlQuran Computer Applications (DAQ), Arabic Calligraphy, and Reciting The Qur’an (Qori). Mr. Abdul Rachman Manga ‘, S.Kom., M.T, as supervisor said that through this national event, Ukhuwah Islamiyah (Islamic Brotherhood) is more stronger and becomes a means of forming students who always follow the guidance in the Qur’an and Hadith.