The Faculty of Computer Science of Universitas Muslim Indonesia became one of 8 places visited by The Joede Center and the Caraka Naraya Indonesia Foundation Jogyakarta. This visit is a series of Roadshows for Socialization of Animpedia Festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, which was held on Thursday, October 3, 2019. Through this event, the organizers showed some animation works of the country’s children that have been commercialized into advertisements or stories in online comics. Muhammad Ali Isa as the first speaker shared his experience of making an animated story “RuangKala”, as a computer scholar, “I was not very good at making graphics or moving images, so I used a story telling to create narrations and sounds as interesting as possible. As chairman of Jogjanimations, he motivated the participants by saying “We can work together with others to produce an animation work, you don’t have to be proficient in designing a model, but many other parts of animation require different skills, and you can use Webtoon, Ciayo or FB to publish your work”.

This Animpedia Festival was initiated by Mr. Hanitianto Joede, as the founder of Jogjanimations and he also works as a Lecturer at FSMR ISI Yogyakarta. He explained that in creating animation works with interesting stories, 5 skills are needed, including drawing (painting), roles, sound, photography / cinematography, and stories. Animation has been utilized on the widescreen, counseling, series, video clips, architecture, education, website, experimental, etc. With the Rendering technology on computer graphics making 2D and 3D models becomes easier coupled with CGI technology in film making. The use of this technology requires IT personnel called Technical Director, who can guarantee the process of making animation works well.

Before the socialization event was closed, Mr. Asrin Noholo, as the Head of the Sub-Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, said “The animation industry is growing rapidly and becoming one of the creative industries in Indonesia, so that it needs experts, who can work together in producing animation works”.