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“Dealing With Academic Challenges In The Era Of Disruption Through The Development Of Green Innovation”


Faculty of Computer Science

Your future is currently determined.

The combination of science and Islamic values will bring you to a unique learning experience, which you can find in the Faculty of Computer Science. This is surely to form attitudes with integrity, creative and innovative. By support of a conducive learning environment, develop all of your potential.

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The Faculty of Computer Science has two study programs, namely Informatics Engineering and Information Systems. Get to know more about the two study programs to be more convincing of your choice.


In accordance with its aim, which is to create graduates who are competent in the field of Information Technology, the Faculty of Computer Science applies a competency-based curriculum that refers to KKNI. By the support of qualified teaching staff, as well as adequate facilities, the Faculty of Computer Science is determined to create entrepreneurial graduates who are creative and innovative, and have Islamic values expected to contribute at national and international levels.

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You are in the best place to make realization of your dreams in the field of information technology and its application

During my study at FIKOM UMI, The facilities and the environment are very adequate and have a positive aura that could help us to continue to develop ourselves to become competent and competitive

Competent teaching staff and academic environment based on development and competition as well as an intellectual environment to enhance the development of oneself and team work.

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As part of efforts to preserve the environment, the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Muslim Indonesia is committed to reducing the use of paper in information publication.

Brochure Profile of the Faculty of Computer Science, Bachelor Program (S1) Academic Year 2019/2020

Content uploaded May 1, 2019

1057 Students

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32 Lecturers

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